About me

Hello, dear visitors of my site! My name is Vadim.

I create musical MIDI instruments on orders. The devices add layers to the budget synths of Yamaha, Casio, make it easy to switch presets during the game "live", carry out MIDI routing, synchronize devices, simplify the setup. The drummers receive a "click in the ear", a metronome, control the start-stop of the tracks.

Devices can be used at concerts in small groups, for home music making, to study the work of "branded" synthesizers.


Of course, there is a huge variety of musical MIDI technology on the market, however, it is oriented mainly to recording of composited compositions (MIDI keyboards with numerous controllers) or to multi-layer synthesis of sound (synthesizers). Both types of devices are similar to control panels in the cockpit, and require, figuratively speaking, from the musician the ability to play "passages" both on the music keyboard and on the control panel. If in the conditions of track-by-studio recording, the speed of orientation in buttons and twisters is not so important, then for live performance - it is very in demand. To facilitate this task, presets, scenes, programs are created, where in advance all the settings are programmed and then called up as needed.

As a result, some of the musician's time is allocated not to the game for "88 black and white keys", but for programming. Personally, I always felt sorry for this time. Moreover, if I bought a new synthesizer and did everything again. But, and even after the settings, it was necessary to write down all the settings on a piece of paper, give them meaningful names, like: "Guitar + bass slap". Or by the name of the composition: it's "Time, forward" by  Sviridov. It was very difficult, especially if the number of songs that are "ready" for the game is several dozen or more.

Then, I began to make settings to do more "generalized" - for each composition of instruments - for "jazz trio" - phono, percussion, bass. For "Combo1" - a violin, an accordion, a guitar. For "Duet1" - cello - phono, etc. At the heart of this idea was that there are musical groups that do not change their line-up of performers, but who play a huge number of works. And my time will be spent, as I would like, on learning new works, new game techniques, new concert programs within the chosen composition.

Of course, it was possible to stop and on one part of the composition. For example, to program the "Jazz band of the swing period", and play "more sea" of works of that period. Anyway, you can not outplay everything)))

But, you know, I really want to play some other genres. Well, how to try to play the solo of John Lord on a "pseudo"-hammond, or to play on "blues guitar" on the keys ... And it's not only solo, but with accompaniment.

Well, now, I foresee, many will say that any professional keyboard synthesizer easily performs these functions. That you can create presets for the composition of instruments, distribute everything by the key, by layers .... What you can name the settings and see them on the color touch screen. I agree. The only question is how much is this unit, how much "redundant functions" it contains, how long time it takes to use it ... Can you take it with you on vacation on the sea .... Do you decide to open and solder a sensor of the termenvox to it? I repeat that for me interesting is not just to use of the device, but also the search and creation of new tools and techniques for the play music.

I realize that the drawback of my approach is the limitations in the means of expression, in the palette of sounds, in the effects. What can I do ... My credo is not how to do a new sound, or how many button will be in my setup, but how many different music I can play. Yes, by "music" here I understand the play song - from beginning to end. As you can see, I do not class myself as musicians - composers or writers. In this, I essentially "underdog" most of today's authors who write their own music, write it on a computer, and put it on the net.

But ... To each his own. And I will be happy if I find like-minded people! Write!