Designing synthesizers and MIDI controllers

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Simple and inexpensive devices. Will understand in 5 minutes!


Routers, mixers, splitters, MIDI converters .... USB and DIN5. For computer and MIDI keyboards. For a guitar cabinet and effects processor.


Foot controllers and organ pedals for playing with your feet.


Periphery: buttons, tilt sensors, air, ultrasonic, infrared sensors, control panels of the setup.

Realization of the idea of "Man-Orchestra". Scenarios, automation of equipment management.

Mobile synthesizers. Quick readiness for the game "The game is always". "The game is everywhere" - in the country, in the car, in bedJ)

A game of different genres. For choruses there is a harmonizer, for strings - we turn on the "hold" mode, for jazz we play with different fingers on different keyboards.

Game "live" Playing on the notes. Preservation of notes, settings, concert programs in electronic catalogs.

Development under the customer's TOR.

Choral music on Roland VP-550